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Qualified for awesome jobs but not getting to interview?
A great CV should be expertly crafted to get you on the shortlist

Your Resume or CV,
Cover Letter & Linkedin
have to work hard!

So many great candidates fail to get to interview for one avoidable reason:
Their 'pitch' for the interview is supported by a poorly written and/or wrongly
structured Resume & Cover Letter, making them invisible to recruiters.

Resume, LA, CA

What should a Resume
be designed to do?

Resume, LA, CA

Your Resume has two key tasks: First, pass the ATS (robot) filter and thus be read by the Hiring Manager or recruiter. Second, outsmarting other candidates to get called to interview. If it's badly designed, too long or irrelevant, it's trashed.

To do this, you must succinctly address what the employer wants (the selection criteria) and give captivating reasons why your skills, experience and knowledge are a perfect fit - for both the organization, and the role.

Is a Pro Resume a
Cost or an Investment?

Resume, LA, CA

The only way a prospective employer can judge whether you're good enough to be called to interview is on paper. Your advertising pitch comprises a Resume and Cover Letter, and you're competing with many other advertisers.

You only get great at writing Resumes by learning the craft skills and figuring out what works. So what's that experience worth, to you, to land THAT job? Tens of thousands of dollars over the years. A professional Resume could be the best investment you ever made.

What can you do for
me that I can't do?

Resume, LA, CA

When you've worked in recruitment and HR for many years, you've seen the mistakes made on Resumes or CVs by even the best qualified job applicants. By knowing what Hiring Managers want and how they are screening Resumes to weed out who they consider to be 'the duds', I can help you avoid the oh-so-common pitfalls.

And as a professional writer and motivational coach, I have a way with words. The very words that will help create your compelling pitch for that job.

Is that it?
I just need a Resume...?

Resume, LA, CA

A Resume is your Master Document, that is tailored for a specific role. It is always accompanied by a Cover Letter (often electronic) which is unique to each job application. This pitches relevant skills, achievements, knowledge and experiences to meet the employer's job specification.

For many employment categories, Linkedin is your 'online Resume' as well as a place to directly apply for jobs. It needs to be professional & 100% consistent with your CV or Resume.

So, how do we get
started on my Resume?

Resume, LA, CA

Select and Order a package (buttons below) and within 24 hours I will contact you by phone or email. We will team up to create your CV or Resume until you are completely satisfied.

I'm equally fine with first time - or retail, clerical and trades Resume clients - as I am with professionals, managers & executives. We'll get to know one another via phone, email or Zoom* (*most options). Other questions? See the FAQ below, or browse the Price Options.

Why should you be
my Resume Partner?

Resume, LA, CA

That's a great interview question, so here's my pitch! I'm degree educated (UK), have worked in HR / recruitment and helped people build their careers through developing their CVs and Resumes, for over 15 years (and in the US, UK and Australia). I'm also an author, writer and motivational coach with an International following. I built and own this business, so you're dealing with the boss!

You can find me on Linkedin and see my motivational website if you would like to learn more.


Resume or CV, what do I need?

A Resume is a one to three page summary of your experience, achievements, education and personal qualities. It should highlight to the Hiring Manager your strongest attributes in relation to the job on offer, to give you an edge over other candidates.

A CV (curriculum vitae) is a much longer document, and is required in many science, academia and research job applications. For example, you may need to list publications, presentations, and references. The term CV is Latin for "the course of one's life/career".

Around the world, CV and Resume are often interchangeable, and this is an important consideration when applying for overseas posts or when making applications to foreign-owned corporations. Always read the employer's application criteria and get advice from a professional CV and Resume writer.

Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

Cover letters & Resumes

Beware the generic Cover Letter, since it's the fastest way to get your Resume pitched into the trash can. It must be customized for each job application, however onerous this may seem. An ATS (robot) screen will likely scan your Cover Letter (or e-note version) for keywords that fit the Hiring Manager's job definition. If you don't pass this filter, your Resume will not be read by a human.

The Cover Letter gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to organizations in a narrative form, and to emphasize the attributes you possess that meet an employer's selection criteria (what they want/need from you).

Do your homework. Use your Cover Letter to declare your interest in both the job and organization. Keep the employer’s hiring needs in the front of your mind.

Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to phone or text me.

The power of Linkedin for Executives

Pretty much every successful business person is on Linkedin, from graduates to CEOs. If you are career-oriented, it's both an essential network and a means of marketing yourself. A well-crafted Linkedin profile can attract headhunters, recruiters and lead to direct-employment opportunities. It's your living, breathing, online Resume or CV.

Linkedin is also the place where Hiring Manager's check your credentials; and any discrepancy between what you claim on your Resume or CV and your Linkedin profile and activity.

A great Linkedin profile is mandatory if your goal is to build a career path.

Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

What job sectors do you specialize in?

I have consulted to, or been employed by organizations in these sectors, among others:

  • Retail and Hospitality (all levels) Resumes
  • Pharmaceutical, Health & Nursing Resumes or CVs
  • Marketing and Sales Managerial / Director / State Manager Resumes or CVs
  • IT and Digital Managerial / Director / State Manager Resumes or CVs
  • Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education (Principal and Teacher, Teachers Aide) Resumes or CVs
  • Mining & Resources Resumes or CVs
  • General Corporate Managerial and C-Suite Resumes or CVs, including International postings
  • Government (Local, State and Federal) Resumes or CVs
  • Franchisee Application Resumes or CVs (for example McDonalds)
  • Capability Statement Resumes CVs for professionals and contractors


Employer Selection criteria & Resumes

The bigger the job, the harder you have to work to get it. Setting Selection Criteria questions is one way employers' figure out who the serious contenders are. It takes time and effort to address Selection Criteria, and for this reason, many applicants overlook them and send in a generic Resume. This is a sure way to lose.

Many government jobs, professional appointments and big-business roles require you to 'address' (answer questions about) key selection criteria (KSC). These selection criteria are the attributes, knowledge and work experience you need to demonstrate or prove, to be considered for the role.

From an employer's point of view, they are going to invest time and money in you, and they want to make a sound selection decision.

To address Selection Criteria, you need to explain in detail how well you meet each one. There are typically 'essential' and 'desirable' criteria. Essential means just that. You must succinctly prove you have the qualities, qualifications and experience in your response. Address the 'desirable' criteria as well as you can. Don't ignore any question.

I can take your through the standard practice for addressing selection criteria (The STAR Approach - Situation or Task, Action Taken, Results Achieved), which helps to discipline your thinking and structure your pitch. Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

Robot Screening (ATS) & Resumes

In this increasingly robotic world, it's perhaps no surprise that many Hiring Managers and recruiters use automated computer software to filter Resumes. Known as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it scans through Resumes, Cover Letters and supporting documents. Resumes are only viewed by a human if the scan matches the Resume to the Hiring Manager's selection criteria. All others are destined for the digital trash can.

An ATS is programmed to scan for experience and qualifications, as well as phrases (keywords) and other information such as the schools you attended and former employers. It is designed to cheaply create a short list of vetted candidates in order of potential interest to the employer. Many homemade Resumes and CVs aren't designed with the above in mind and the wrong layout, structure, format and words can bar you from interview - even for entry-level jobs.

Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

Business Services and Resume Workshops

I have led Online Resume Workshops and provided outplacement support services for many leading organizations and institutions.

This includes providing outplacement support for internal job re-applications during periods of reorganization.

Like to talk? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

Headed back to work Resumes

Many people (women in particular) need to return to the workforce after an extended period away, and dust off an ancient Resume to update it.

Wondering what a stay-at-home-mom (or dad) Resume looks like? When it's time to venture back into the workplace you have to fill in the gaps convincingly. With employers more likely to hire unemployed people after a lay-off than parents who took time off to raise children it can be frustrating.

Extra effort is required to pitch your qualities in these circumstances, and I can take you through the do's and dont's.

Need some advice? Phone me: 1-323-329-5700, Txt me: 1-323-329-5700 , Facebook me, or Whatsapp me.

If your needs are urgent, the best approach is to text me.

LA Resume and CV writer serves the Los Angeles metro area and socal via email, phone and Zoom or Skype. Complementary services include cover letters, addressing simple and complex job criteria.

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